Level 5 Status

Providing You With Security and Ease

At Level 5 Roofing, we are homeowners and property owners ourselves. Therefore, we feel an enormous amount of responsibility to care for and maintain our own properties. Our core values, empathy, and servant leadership, provide you with a unique company who values your home as much as you do and demands the same care for your property as if it were our own! You will have the peace of mind knowing that your home, family, and possessions are protected from mother nature’s wrath; Never worrying about water entering your home.

The Level 5 Status Benefits

With our exclusive and industry leading membership, once a year, you will get a detailed inspection of both your attic and your roof.  We will inspect, diagnose, and clean your roof.  Providing you with the following every year:

  • Attic Inspection
  • Debris Removal and Disposal
  • Valley Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Skylight Cleaning
  • Priority Assurance Scheduling
  • Privileged and Premier Discounts

You will also receive our 16 Point Inspection every year:

  • Inspect all tiles for cracks, displacement and overlap/shingles for deterioration and vulnerability.
  • Coated roofs will be inspected for mil thickness deterioration and vulnerability.
  • Inspect all mortar caps for cracks and separation.
  • Inspect the underlayment for its condition, overlap and curling.
  • Inspect the wood battens for their condition and check for rot which causes tile slippage.
  • Inspect all fascia and trim boards for rot and warping.
  • Inspect all penetrations for proper flashings and seals.
  • Inspect all eaves for rotted plywood or signs of leaks.
  • Inspect all valleys for debris and proper overhang and water shedding.
  • Inspect gutter for debris and sagging.
  • Inspect dead valleys for condition and debris.
  • Inspect all skylight for cracks and proper seal.
  • Inspect landscaping for tree overhang and overgrowth on roof system.
  • Inspect the patio(s) for granule loss, exposed seams, wrinkles, or compromises in the substrate.
  • Inspect all kickout of the flashings for proper water shedding placement (away from the stucco).
  • Inspect for built up bird droppings and nests.

Additional Benefits

Attic Inspection ($399.00 Value)

We will get you the inside scoop!  Our technicians will get into your attic every year to ensure there are no signs of water damage or leaks on the underside of your plywood, evidence of water exposure on your trusses or within the attic.

Debris Removal and Disposal ($199.00 Value)

Branches, leaves, and large debris are unattractive and, worse yet, can be costly and destructive!  We do NOT want you to incur any further costs and want to ensure your home is safe and aesthetically pleasing.  Therefore, we will clean ALL debris from your roof once a year.

Valley Cleaning ($229.00 Value)

With the monsoons and untimely weather that Arizona can bring, it is essential to have your valley’s inspected and cleaned annually.  The monsoon and weather deliver dirt and debris to your roof, your valleys are designed to allow water to flow freely off your roof.  Should your valleys get backed up or clogged, it will repel water to other areas of your roof, and cause damage to your underlayment, plywood, and even cause leaks!  We will have our technicians out to your home every year to ensure your valleys are free of ALL debris.

All Gutters Will Be Free of All Debris ($299.00 Average Value)

Imagine never having to clean out your gutters! At Level 5 Roofing, our technicians will come out every year and clean out ALL debris from your gutters to ensure the debris has been removed from your gutter system to prevent clogging or water back up that leads to pooling water and potential leaks.

All Skylight(s) Will Be Cleaned ($199.00 Value)

We are a company that emphasizes positivity. Nothing makes us feel better than that spectacular Arizona sunshine!!!  We will come out every year and clean ALL your skylights to let that glorious light into your home, so you won’t ever have to climb that ladder and do it yourself again.

Priority Assurance Scheduling

Want a fast pass to taking care of your home?  Want to feel like a Level 5 VIP?  Well, with Level 5 Status you will!  Should you need an estimate and repairs completed on your home, you will be fast tracked to the top of our priority list and receive our world class service within 48 hours of your call!

Privileged and Premier 5% Repair or Replacement Discount

With your Level 5 Status, you will receive our member-only premier discount of 5% on any of your roof repairs or replacement.  No other company offers this exclusive discount across ALL types of roofs, for ANY type of work that is required.

Cost & Savings

Initial Payment: $149.95

Monthly Fee: $29.95

Annual Savings: $815.65

Enroll and join the most exclusive and industry leading property membership in Arizona!  Join today and receive the empathy, compassion, care, and the peace of mind that your property and your family will be dry, safe, and secure.

Become a Level 5 Status Member and you will receive the Level 5 Benefits you and your family deserve!!!