Silicone Roofing


Silicon Roof on Arizona Business

A Silicone Restoration Membrane is a versatile and self-flashing silicone membrane material perfect for commercial roof renewal. After the existing roof is clean and repaired, the silicone coating is sprayed on, sealing any imperfections and adding a waterproof layer on your commercial roof.

Whether your roof is flat or pitched, an SRM can handle any type roof, including those with skylights, vents, HVAC units, and drainage systems. Our experienced project managers and applicators bring decades of roofing experience to each job. Level 5 Roofing, knows when to repair or replace a roof, giving you options that ensure the best solution at the best price.

Our roofing experts at Level 5 Roofing, works with building owners and managers every day to decide the best roofing solution to protect their facility. Our teams often run into commercial roofing systems that are older but still in relatively good shape. These building owners and managers usually decide to install a Silicone Restoration Membrane to save money and restore their commercial roofing system.

There are many benefits to installing a Silicone Restoration Membrane: